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Landscape Design

Like most things in life, your gardens and grounds will reach their greatest potential when properly planned. Whether it’s the placement of plants based on the amount of sunlight they need, the grading required to ensure optimum drainage, or even your own personal preferences when it comes to where to put your favourite chair – design means everything. Our family has been creating breathtaking outdoor spaces for generations. Let us use that experience to help you find the green dream you’ve been looking for.

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Cudmore's crew planting new plants and ferns in a garden bed.
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Residential Landscape & Design Services, all year round

As you may very well know, landscaping isn’t just a summer activity. There is much to consider as the seasons change when managing the areas outside your home. We work year round to ensure that your outdoor space is as beautiful and enjoyable as you’d ever imagined from first bud to final snowfall. Maintaining your garden doesn’t stop when the white stuff hits – rest assured knowing we’re always ready to work with you to plan your landscape project while your plants rest under a blanket of snow.

From spring cleaning and early container planting to summer design and build projects, fall maintenance and offseason preparation, we at Cudmore’s will work alongside you to make the most of your own personal oasis 365 days a year.

See How We Can Help
See How We Can Help

Will and his crew were a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend Cudmore's for any landscape project!

- T.T.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can mean the difference between a simple garden and a stunning oasis. Our design team works hard to marry the natural and technological worlds, creating outdoor spaces that are built to be enjoyed at all hours. From pathway lighting to focused elements, we can bring your green escape to life as the sun sets and the stars begin to shine, each and every day.

Garden Market

For decades the Cudmore family served Oakville and the surrounding areas as its premier garden supplier. Community focused, we took great pride in helping thousands of families find the beauty they were looking for. Though we’ve now closed our garden centre, we couldn’t possibly leave it all behind. The Garden Market continues in our own little way, a time honoured tradition as a family first garden supply provider with carefully curated items to help you make the outdoors as inviting and awe inspiring as you know it can be.

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Cudmore's truck surrounded by custom Christmas plants such as a Christmas tree, wreaths and evergreen arrangements.
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