Create, Be Active, Find Inspiration.

Beginning a career with Cudmore’s means you’ve chosen to learn, collaborate and work hard. It means you are joining a team who will embrace you, support your learning and be there to catch your wheelbarrow if it tips. You’re joining an owner-operated group that is small enough to feel like a family and just big enough to complete exceptional work.

For over three decades, our family company’s hallmark has been quality craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service and our connection with our community and its members. Today, we are recognized as by our member association for our entrepreneurial spirit and the Ontario Living Wage Network as a certified Champion of the program, all a testament to our incredible team. We offer comprehensive benefits for full-time staff, salaried compensation and advocate and support constant learning.

Will you join us?

Creating beauty, together.

You gain a special bond with your teammates completing a landscape season together. There are many highs, there are challenges you overcome together, you get rained on, you enjoy sun on your face and constant fresh air. You create together, stay active, connect with your community, plant trees, establish spaces to gather, solve problems, exceed expectations, surprise clients, and make great memories. Team Blue is a special one, we hope you’ll join us as we grow.

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