Seasonal Landscaping

From Sunrise to Snowfall, We're Working Hard Year Round

Season by Season

Our work extends well beyond spring and summer with the team hard at work to make the most of our clients’ properties.

An exciting time of year as we open up properties and gardens, completing clean-ups and plant and container deliveries while launching our early-season landscape projects. Our design and sales teams are busy working with clients and booking projects for the season ahead, so we encourage everyone to get in touch through the winter or early in spring to connect with us!

Our landscape projects are in full flight this time of year. We will make visits to our container/planter customers to help maintain arrangements, but we are primarily engaged in some great large garden renovations, foundation plantings, natural stonework, hardscape construction, and much more.

In addition to late-season plantings and landscape projects, we are busy completing garden/leaf clean-ups, readying gardens for the offseason. We plant our fall containers and start arranging pickups for winter Restoration projects. We encourage our customers to plan a season or two ahead (to next spring) this time of year, should there be any projects in the works.

When the temperature drops, we focus on restoration projects including urns, containers, patio furniture, Muskoka chairs, etc. We also take advantage of the season by completing a number of design projects in preparation for the following season, as well as pursuing opportunities to learn new trends and hone our skills to continually improve our services for our clients.

Horizontal image in a collage format showcasing the work Cudmore's has done.

A big thank you for all the work and very good communication. We really appreciated being kept updated on the progress and also your punctuality and that of your team.

- M.D.

Colour your season

Spring, summer, fall and winter all provide amazing opportunities to highlight your home with custom-designed planters, containers and urns featuring the very best that time of year has to offer.

Cudmore’s Landscape & Design can be your ally in keeping your planting containers healthy, in-season, and of course, looking unique and fabulous. Whether you’re hosting a shower, wedding or family reunion, our custom-designed containers are the quickest way to give your home and garden a pop of colour and a splash of life.

Custom large pottery containers and planters for plants.